Cooler AC?

We’ve got you covered with the latest models and a free AC Evaluation.

Considering a New AC Installation?

Deciding between repairing or replacing an AC system can be difficult without a full understanding of your current AC system (and problems). Our technicians are always glad to help provide free advice and a free AC evaluation.

In general, it’s good to start thinking about a new air conditioning installation if your current system is over 10 years old or you experience any of the following:

  • No cold air
  • Increased or unusual moisture around your system
  • Major part failure or total system failure (loud or no noises)
  • System running more often and for longer

Do You Simply Need a Minor AC Repair?

We are happy to identify problems and quote repairs, including compressor and condenser issues-from refrigerant leaks to motor or compressor issues. Because of the complexity of AC systems and installations, it is best to schedule aN AC assessment with our pros to help you understand your AC problems and options for fixing them.  Our goal is to get your home cool, and to ensure your AC is reliable, whether that requires a repair or replacement—we equip you with the information to make an informed decision.

Benefits of Upgrading your AC System

While the initial upfront costs of a new AC system can be high, the benefits are worth it!

Increased comfort

A new AC system will reach and maintain your desired temperature more efficiently as well as give you increased and balanced airflow throughout your home. Other airflow and cooling challenges such as humidity issues can also be solved leaving you with greater comfort in your home.

Breathe cleaner air

Newer AC units have better filtration systems. Many systems can now remove dust and also help inhibit the growth of mold and dry up excess moisture. This improves the overall air quality in your home.

Warranty protection

New units come with a warranty which will help protect your investment against breakdowns and repairs for up to 20 years depending on the manufacturer, the part and problem.  If a major part fails on your new system, it is highly likely that there will be no out of pocket expense to fix it.

Reduced noise

Advancements in technology such as variable speed fans and multi-stage compressors have resulted in systems running quieter than older systems. Sound tests have shown that single stage AC units can run between 70-80 decibels, which is similar to a household blender or lawnmower. Newer units utilizing these new technologies can run as low as 57 decibels which is lower than the noise of an average conversation.

Save money

Most new AC units focus on greater performance and energy efficiency using multistage compressors and variable speed fans. As a result, it is possible to see a reduction in energy bills, as well as decreased servicing and maintenance costs with a new system.

Start With a FREE AC System Evaluation

Schedule an appointment today for one of our A/C pros to fully assess your needs and leave you with all of the required information to make an informed decision including:

  1. Thorough heat load calculation to determine correct tonnage required
  2. Assessing optimal placement of the AC unit for maximum performance
  3. Indoor air quality assessment and filtration requirements, air duct assessment
  4. Energy Saving brands and models with high SEER ratings
  5. Smart home connection options

Why EDS?

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How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner

In South Florida, air conditioning isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. When you walk through that door after a long day at work you deserve some time to cool down and relax. Our experts are here to help you and your family in that area. That’s why we install highly-efficient AC systems that provide great value, oftentimes lowering your monthly energy bills.

We keep our fingers to the pulse of the HVAC industry, so we’re always up-to-date on the latest products and AC installation services. We can explain the advantages and limitations of different systems, evaluate your needs, and help you choose the right system for your living space. Whether you’re planning on a new installation in the near future or you’re simply researching your options, we’re happy to talk AC systems and features with you.

E·D·S Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers high-quality residential AC installation services to homeowners in Boynton Beach, Lake Worth Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, FL, and near the surrounding areas. Our professional AC repair and replacement specialists are certified and licensed to get the job done promptly and properly.

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