Commercial AC Installation and Replacement Servicesto Businesses in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, FL and Near Surrounding Areas

Commercial Hvac Units

Commercial climate control systems are larger and more complex than their residential counterparts, requiring greater experience and more specialized skills. At E·D·S Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we have the expertise to ensure your light commercial HVAC installation is a complete success.

When to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

Unless you’re planning new construction, your commercial space probably already has a climate control system. Nonetheless, it can often pay to be proactive in swapping out older equipment. Having a qualified HVAC installer replace an aging system is a great way to avoid escalating repair bills and disruptions that lead to costly downtime. Investing in upgraded technology can also help to cut your operating expenses, freeing up money that can be better used elsewhere. There are no specific rules, but it’s generally best to consider a system replacement if:

  • Your equipment is more than a decade old
  • You’re calling for HVAC repairs more frequently
  • Your monthly utility bills are excessive or rising unexpectedly

Fully Customized HVAC Installation Services

Whether you’re replacing existing hardware or starting from scratch, a successful installation hinges on the proper design of the system. Every business is unique, which means that every commercial HVAC system should be built to match. At E·D·S Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we start with full load calculations to better understand your heating and cooling demands. From there, we design a high-quality system that meets these demands as efficiently and reliably as possible.

We follow all manufacturer specifications during the installation to ensure optimal performance. We value honesty and innovation, so we’re always looking for better ways to meet your needs and save you money. Our installations are compliant with all state and local laws, building codes and other regulations.

Our Commitment to Quality Results

Like you, we don’t take any chances when it comes to our business. From top to bottom, we’re fully committed to providing exceptional results for our clients. While some companies farm out work to subcontractors, we rely exclusively on our own NATE-certified service technicians. Our technicians are uniformed, clean-cut professionals who are well-trained and fully vetted.

Additionally, we don’t just walk away once your new system is installed. We conduct full quality control audits to ensure that everything is working exactly as expected. When we’re finished, you can be confident that your business will have stable and dependable climate control for years to come.

As a top HVAC installer in South Florida, we understand what it takes to provide industry-leading results. If you value quality as much as we do, contact E·D·S Air Conditioning & Plumbing for the best in HVAC installation services.

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