Dual Zone AC

Why Won’t My AC Cool the Whole House?

October 4, 2022

Dealing with an air conditioner that struggles to keep your home cool is often frustrating. You may even notice that some rooms in your home are much cooler while others are warmer. Fortunately, you can easily overcome this problem by investing in a zoned HVAC system for your home. A dual-zone AC makes it much easier for you to keep your house feeling comfortable without having to deal with constant fluctuations in temperature.

How Does a Dual-Zone AC Work

A dual-zone AC system allows you to maximize the output of your air conditioner throughout your home. A zoned HVAC system uses numerous sensors and thermostats to effectively regulate the temperature in the different rooms in your house to help you stay comfortable. A dual-zone AC unit is an excellent choice if your AC is not cooling your home efficiently.

When a Dual-Zone AC System is Needed

An AC that’s not cooling enough makes it nearly impossible for you and your family to stay comfortable during the summer months. Investing in a dual-zone AC system is an excellent choice if your home is multiple stories or if it has vaulted ceilings or a loft. A zoned HVAC system is also recommended if you have a basement or any rooms with expansive windows. Installing a dual-zone HVAC system is especially effective if some areas of your home are used infrequently or if family members have specific temperature preferences.

Differences Between Dual-Zone vs. a Dual-Unit System

A dual-zoned HVAC system allows you to cool multiple areas within your home. On the other hand, a dual-unit system uses two separate units that focus on a single zone with individual thermostats. A zoned HVAC system is more cost-effective due to the lower installation and maintenance costs. However, installing separate systems is a good idea if your second-story or basement is a rental unit, giving your tenants control over their utilities.

What are the Benefits of a Dual-Unit HVAC System?

A two-zone AC system offers many benefits, as it can help you lower your utility bills. This system is designed to work much more efficiently in keeping your home comfortable, as you won’t have to use it non-stop to keep your house cool. Another benefit of a dual-unit HVAC system is that it gives you the flexibility to cool different areas of your home in various ways. For example, you can set other temperature preferences, which is especially beneficial if you have multiple people living in your home. A dual-unit AC system also doesn’t have to work as hard as a traditional unit, which reduces wear and tear on your system.

How Much Does a Zoned HVAC System Cost?

A zoned HVAC system can range anywhere from $1,700 to $4,500 for most homes. These figures can often go up or down, depending on the number of zones and whether it’s new or existing construction. Getting multiple bids from different contractors is also vital in helping you compare all of your available options.

Other Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable

Choosing to replace your HVAC system with a zoned setup is often a great choice, but it isn’t your only option. For example, it’s important to seal any air leaks near your windows and doors to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Adding more insulation to your house can also lead to significant cost savings on your utility bill. A home assessment can help determine why your AC is not cooling your house. Sometimes you can make minor improvements that will significantly impact your utility bill.

Closing Thoughts

An AC that’s not cooling your house can create stress and make it impossible to stay comfortable. Taking the time to learn why your AC is not cooling correctly is essential in resolving this issue. Investing in a dual-zone AC unit is often the best way to take care of this issue to help you and your family to stay cool during the summer. An experienced HVAC technician can inspect your home to help you determine if you can benefit from a two-zone AC system or if a dual-unit HVAC system is the better choice. Looking at all your options can help you find the most effective cooling solutions for your home.

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