Variable-speed Heat Pump in Lake Worth, FL

Why Invest a Little More in a Variable-speed Heat Pump?

February 15, 2021

Variable-speed heat pumps offer Lake Worth, FL homeowners significant savings on monthly utility costs. These high-efficiency systems cost more upfront. However, the amount you’ll save on utility bills can more than make up for the difference over time.

What Are Variable-Speed Heat Pumps?

Single-speed heat pumps are either running or not. They run for a while to achieve the thermostat setting, and then they take a break and cycle off. Variable-speed systems run almost constantly, but at a greatly reduced capacity. By making minute adjustments in output, they precisely maintain the desired temperature.

Can Variable-Speed Heat Pumps Save Money?

These systems boast high-efficiency performance. Very little energy is wasted, and that gives you more value for your utility dollar. Studies indicate that a variable-speed heat pump can save you up to 18 percent on heating and cooling costs.

Do Variable-Speed Systems Improve Indoor Comfort?

With conventional heat pumps, indoor temperatures can vary by five degrees or more. With a variable-speed system, indoor temperatures remain steady with little variation. You will no longer get blasted with hot or cold air whenever the system cycles on.

Are There Additional Benefits of This Advanced HVAC Technology?

  • Quiet operation. Because they’re mostly running, variable-speed systems don’t make noise turning on or off.
  • Reduction in wear and tear. Heat pumps use more energy to turn on than to maintain an exact temperature. With regular maintenance, this can mean a longer service life for the unit and fewer heat pump repairs.
  • Lower humidity and cleaner indoor air. Long running times reduce humidity and help your AC to keep you cool. Because indoor air is constantly circulating through the filter, you’ll have cleaner indoor air.

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