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Tips To Prepare Your AC System for Hurricane Season

October 27, 2022

An outdoor AC system can often experience damage during a hurricane. Sometimes these damages to your air conditioner are minor or can be significant. Taking additional steps to prepare your air conditioning system for hurricanes is always well worth your time and effort. Preparing for a hurricane can help you keep damages to a minimum, saving you money and a lot of stress.

When is Hurricane Season in Florida?

Florida is usually hit by a major hurricane once every three years. The hurricane season in Florida begins on June 1st and lasts until November 30th. However, some hurricane seasons are much more active than other years. Understanding how to prepare for hurricanes can help limit damage to your outdoor AC system.

Here are some tips for preparing your air conditioning system for hurricane season:

Raising the Condenser Unit

Dealing with flooding is a major issue during and after a hurricane. These rising flood waters can cause significant damage to your air conditioning system. One way to limit these problems is to raise your AC unit. An elevated AC unit makes it more difficult for water to flood your system. You can contact an HVAC company to raise your outdoor AC condenser unit.

Hurricane Straps

A hurricane’s wind can cause massive damage to your air conditioning system if you don’t take the time to secure your AC unit. Using hurricane straps for AC units is a great way to protect your air conditioner against hurricane-force winds. Making sure these straps are tightly fastened to your unit is critical in protecting your air conditioner. Once the hurricane is over, you can remove these straps and turn your air conditioner back on.

Taking Potential Storm Debris into Account

Hurricane winds can often cause debris to fly into your unit and cause significant damage. Staying proactive by removing potential debris around your home is well worth your time preparing for a hurricane. Removing lawn equipment, patio furniture, and other items is essential in protecting your outdoor AC system. Covering an AC unit with a tarp is also a great way to protect your system from storm debris.

Cool Down Your House

An often-overlooked way to prepare for a hurricane is to cool down your home. Lowering the thermostat in your house can help your home feel more comfortable. You can also close the blinds and draw the shades in your home. Power outages often happen during a hurricane, as taking these steps ahead of time can keep your house more comfortable.

Turn Off Your AC Unit

Turning off your AC unit beforehand is recommended if you plan to shelter during a hurricane. Lighting strikes can cause storm power outages which can sometimes damage your air conditioner. Storm debris can also strike your unit and get stuck, and eventually burn out the motor. Investing in an AC unit cover is a great way to protect your air conditioner.

Inspect Your Unit

Visually inspecting your unit is essential while preparing for hurricane season. Scheduling ongoing AC maintenance services can also keep your air conditioner working optimally. These professionals can easily adjust to ensure your system is well-prepared for hurricanes. Inspecting your unit before a hurricane strikes can also give you a better understanding of your system’s damage.

Schedule AC Tune-Up Service

An air conditioner can begin to operate less efficiently with time. Scheduling AC maintenance services before hurricane season arrives is a great way to keep your system well-maintained. AC tune-up services can even help you lower your utility bill. Getting an AC repair company to look at your system after a hurricane is also essential in making sure your air conditioner didn’t suffer any significant damage.

Closing Thoughts

Preparing for a hurricane is critical for anyone living in Florida. Staying proactive with AC maintenance, covering an AC unit with a tarp, and hiring professionals to raise your outdoor AC condenser unit are just a few ways you can prepare for the hurricane season. Inspecting your unit after a hurricane is also key in ensuring your system didn’t suffer any significant damage. Taking these extra steps for preparing for a hurricane requires additional time, but it’s always well worth the effort.

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