Cold Weather in Florida

Keeping Warm During a Chilly Florida Winter

January 6, 2023

The heating system in your home can play a key role in helping you stay comfortable while dealing with a cold snap in Florida. Keeping a few things in mind can help you stay warm, whether you have a heat pump or if you have a heating system that uses heat strips to keep your house comfortable. Staying proactive by scheduling seasonal HVAC maintenance can keep your electric heating system working at an optimal level while making sure you are well-prepared for cold temperatures in Florida.

What to Consider Before Using Your Heating System After a Long Delay in Use

The average temperature in Florida in December ranges from 64°-76°F in most regions. Unfortunately, there are times, although uncommon, where temperatures dip into the 40’s & 50’s (°F). Despite these generally warmer temperatures, you may still need to use your heating system throughout the winter months. Performing a few simple maintenance tips can improve the efficiency of your heating system. For example, it’s recommended to replace your air filter before you turn on your heater during the winter. A new air filter enables your heater to work more efficiently, and it puts much less strain on your system.

Scheduling seasonal HVAC maintenance is also important in taking care of any issues ahead of time. An HVAC technician can inspect your heat pump or heat strips to ensure that they are working at an optimal level. A detailed inspection is also key to safety, as a gas heating system can cause serious carbon monoxide issues if the venting system is blocked or overly dirty. An HVAC technician can replace an AC filter in your home while taking care of any minor repair work to limit the chance of a major breakdowns during the winter months.

When Should You Use Your Heating System?

The United States Department of Energy recommends you set your thermostat at 68 degrees during the winter while you are at home. You can also lower the thermostat even a few more degrees while you are away or sleeping to save money. Turning on your heater once the thermostat reaches below 68 degrees can help you and your family stay comfortable. Investing in a smart thermostat makes it easy to create an on/off schedule ahead of time – you can make changes at any time with an app on your smartphone.

What are the Main Benefits of Seasonal HVAC Maintenance?

Taking a proactive approach by scheduling seasonal HVAC maintenance can extend the lifespan of your heating system and help you avoid paying for more expensive repairs in the future. An HVAC technician can make a few adjustments to improve the efficiency of your system while also making sure it’s safe to use. It’s a good idea to schedule HVAC maintenance before winter arrives, which provides sufficient time to make minor repairs or replace any parts before you need to rely on your heating system.

Which is the Best Option for Heating Your Home?

Deciding on the best choice for heating your home during a chilly Florida winter is an important decision. The vast majority of AC units installed throughout Florida are specifically designed for cooling homes, but they don’t include heat strips. These built-in heating systems are similar to space heaters, as most people in Florida don’t have this option for warming their homes.

However, some AC units include heat pumps that are capable of reversing the refrigeration cycle while putting the heated air back into the home.

Heat pumps are a much more efficient way to heat your home, and they use less energy compared to heating elements. Installing a heat pump for your home is especially beneficial if you plan to use your heating system for an extended length of time. On the other hand, Florida winters are usually much warmer compared to other national locations, as you may only use your electric heating system once or twice per year in its entirety. Weighing all your options can help you determine if you should consider a heat pump for your home heating or if you are better off using heat strips which are less costly to install.

Closing Thoughts

Cold temperatures in Florida are often a rare occurrence in most areas. However, it’s still important to prepare your heating system ahead of time to ensure that it’s ready for the winter season. Now is a great time to work with a local company to schedule HVAC maintenance to ensure that your heater is well-prepared for the possibility of colder winter temperatures.

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