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Is an A/C Service Contact Really Worth It?

February 10, 2023

Hiring an HVAC company to perform A/C tune-up services on your system is a great way to keep everything working at an optimal level. Routine A/C maintenance in Florida is usually conducted twice a year at a fixed price. While signing up for an A/C maintenance plan offers many benefits for homeowners, it can also put a strain on a tight budget. Learning about all of the advantages of these residential A/C services is essential to determine if a maintenance plan is a right choice for you.

Here are the main benefits of scheduling A/C tune-up services:

Limit Chance of Repairs

One of the biggest selling points of residential A/C services is that it greatly reduces the chance of your system breaking down or malfunctioning in the middle of summer, right when you need it most. HVAC professionals will take care of any minor issues and make adjustments to ensure your system is working efficiently. Staying proactive by using maintenance services is a great way to take care of any A/C unit issues before it turns into a much bigger and more expensive problem.

Improve Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained system doesn’t only reduce the chance of emergency A/C repair, but it also allows your system to work much more efficiently. Improving the efficiency of your air conditioner reduces the wear and tear on your system while also making it much easier to save money on your utility bill. Over time, these cost savings can quickly add up, which makes A/C tune-up services well worth the initial expenses of signing up for a maintenance plan.

Maintain A/C Warranty

Another reason to consider an A/C maintenance plan is that it helps you to stay in compliance with the warranty. For example, most manufacturers require annual inspections and routine maintenance to meet the compliance requirements of the unit’s warranty. Scheduling these professional maintenance services is a great way to meet the guidelines to make it easy for you to file on your warranty if you ever encounter any major issues with your air conditioner.

Reliable Service

An additional benefit of signing an A/C service contract is that it allows your system to receive consistent and reliable service. An HVAC technician will understand and be familiar with your air conditioner to ensure that it gets the best possible service and to make sure it runs efficiently to keep you and your family cool throughout the year.

Flexible Payment Options

Most HVAC companies offer flexible payment options for A/C service contracts. Instead of paying for the contract in its entirety in one single payment, you can spread out the cost through monthly payments. Breaking down these costs each month makes it seem much more affordable, and you can always reach out to your HVAC company if you have any questions or need to amend your maintenance plan.

Additional Perks

A/C tune-up services also provide many additional perks. For example, many HVAC companies will offer special discounts or bonuses if you sign up for their residential A/C maintenance services. You can also expect to receive priority service if you ever need emergency A/C repair. Signing up for A/C maintenance in Florida is also a great way to gain peace of mind knowing that professionals are keeping your system well-maintained, and they are only a call away if you ever need help.

What is Typically Included in A/C Tune-Up Services?

An HVAC technician will come to your home to inspect your system and will usually determine if it needs any repairs or adjustments. A wide range of maintenance tasks will typically also be performed, such as checking the refrigerant levels, inspection of the electrical connections, cleaning the condenser coil, and inspecting the evaporator coil for any blockages. An HVAC professional will also inspect your air filter and replace it if needed.

Why Having an A/C Service Contract in Florida is Necessary

An air conditioning system can be a big investment, which is why it’s so important to schedule regular maintenance services to extend the lifespan of the system and to limit the chance of needing A/C system repair. An A/C service contract in West Palm Beach and other areas of Florida is a fantastic way to optimize your air conditioning system and make it much easier to keep your home cool. Maintenance services can easily improve the energy efficiency of your home and help keep A/C unit issues to a minimum. 

Now is an excellent time to reach out to E.D.S Air Conditioning and Plumbing to consider getting an A/C service contract, and to schedule residential A/C services!

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