Smart Thermostat

Is a smart thermostat the smart choice?

July 16, 2021

“Hey Alexa, set the temperature to 72 degrees”.

Smart home technology has come a long way allowing you to control many appliances and devices in your home through your voice or your phone.

Your AC system is no different and with the introduction of smart thermostats you can now have more control over your AC settings from anywhere giving you Increased Efficiency, Increased Comfort and Increased Convenience

Why Choose A Smart Thermostat?

It’s easy to argue that being able to control your AC from your phone is a ‘nice to have’ gimmick, however there are some extremely useful features that a smart thermostat offers which can be a game changer:

GeoFencing – A smart thermostat can keep track of the location of your phone, knowing when you are leaving or returning to your home. Using this data your system can raise and lower the temperature as needed so that you’re not wasting energy while you’re away and your home is the perfect temperature when you return.

Individual Room / Zone Control – Sensors in each room that connect to the thermostat allow you to control the temperature and humidity in individual rooms and set priority for different rooms at different times of day e.g. living areas during the day and bedrooms during the night!

Alerts and Notifications – A smart thermostat works like a guardian of your system.  It can send you alerts when there are abnormal, or large swings in temperature and let you know when it’s time to change your filters.

Control From Anywhere – Smart Thermostat apps give you full control over your AC system no matter where you are in the world.  The apps allow you to perform actions such as setting temperature, prioritizing rooms and zones, and monitoring usage.

Home Energy Reports – Some smart thermostats give you a monthly energy report tracking your usage trends and how that compares against similar homes in your area. With this data it can provide you with hints and tips to make your usage more efficient.

AC Issue Detection – A smart thermostat can often detect issues with your AC system. Catching potential issues early means you can take preventative measures before the issue causes increased damage to your system.

Smart Operation – Being a connected device, a smart thermostat will know the current outside temperature and air quality and can operate automatically to select the best settings to cool your home effectively and efficiently.

With the average homeowner spending $1000 – $1400 per year to run their AC in Florida, a smart thermostat can be a smart choice to help your system run more efficiently and potentially lower your energy usage.  Add to this the ability to pre warn you of any potential issues, a smart thermostat can help lower your total AC running costs, while maximizing your comfort.

Learn more about taking more control of your comfort with a smart thermostat and how we can assist you in upgrading to the right thermostat for you!

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