HVAC Thermostat in Jupiter, FL

A New HVAC Thermostat Could Save Money on Monthly Utilities

January 28, 2021

If you’re still using an old manual thermostat to control your Jupiter, FL, home’s heating and cooling system, now is a great time to upgrade. A new HVAC thermostat offers convenient features that will save you time and money without sacrificing your comfort. Consider these three ways a new thermostat could lower your monthly utility bills.

Make Automatic Temperature Adjustments

With a programmable thermostat, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature every day when you leave for work or school. According to the Department of Energy, using the programmable thermostat to set back the temperature by seven to 10 degrees for eight hours per day during the winter and raising it in the summer could lower your utility bills by 10% every month.

Control the Temperature from Anywhere

If you’re stuck in traffic or at work and won’t be home when the thermostat updates your home’s temperature, a smart thermostat can do this for you. Smart thermostats connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. They include an app for your phone, and you can adjust your home’s temperature through the app. You can also choose a thermostat with sensors for different areas of your home. These work with zoned heating and cooling systems and direct the air to the area of your home you’re using.

Choose a Thermostat That Learns Your Schedule

Consider a smart thermostat with geofencing. This technology keeps track of where your phone is. If you’re away from home, it delays the temperature adjustment until you’re within one to five miles and approaching your residence. This reduces the number of heating or cooling cycles the HVAC system performs while you’re not home. There’s no impact on your comfort, but your utility bills will drop.

For more information about how a new HVAC thermostat could lower your monthly utility bills, take a look at E·D·S Air Conditioning & Plumbing’s HVAC thermostats and controls, or get in touch with our heating and cooling experts today.

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