The blistering heat in Florida often leaves residents and tourists scrounging for comfortable, air-conditioned establishments and restaurants. As a restaurant owner, it’s natural to want to provide the type of environment that is cozy, but also cool and inviting. However, with the hustle and bustle of running a business, maintenance for air conditioning units sometimes falls to the wayside.

It’s important to make it a priority to regularly service your restaurant’s air conditioning unit. While you may be diligent about cleaning vents and ducts and swapping out filters, it’s absolutely necessary to have your restaurant’s AC unit serviced regularly to fend off any potential problems and malfunctions that could negatively impact your business and your reputation as a premier Florida restaurant.

Cool Away the Bad Reviews

Your restaurant depends heavily on positive reviews to gain traffic and boost your business. If your customers are hot and uncomfortable while dining, it could negatively impact your reviews and online ratings. A simple way to avoid this negativity is to have your AC unit serviced at least once a year. During the hot Florida seasons, your AC unit will be running constantly. A qualified technician can pinpoint any potential problems before disaster occurs, ultimately affecting your restaurant’s reputation as being a cool and comfortable place to dine.

Minimize Expensive Repairs

It can be expensive to upkeep a restaurant facility and the last thing you need is to have to make major repairs or replace an air conditioning unit. The extreme Florida heat poses risk to the freshness of your establishment’s food and ingredients, so having your AC unit serviced regularly allows you to partake in preventative measures. Regular AC servicing includes:

  • Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • An Evaluation of Coolant Levels
  • Inspection of the Thermostat
  • Ductwork Maintenance
  • Analysis of Belts and Blower Motor
  • Inspection of Electrical Components

Prevent Future Problems

AC service is essential for restaurants because it allows the AC unit(s) to run at peak performance. For example, a technician may realize that your coolant levels are off and are ultimately decreasing the efficiency of the unit, costing you more in monthly power bills. In addition, during service visits, the AC unit’s thermostat is calibrated to ensure proper operation, and the ductwork is cleaned to remove any dirt or grime that could be impacting what should be a completely sanitized environment. If electrical problems are not addressed, you could be looking at costly repairs in the future, which is why regular maintenance and AC service is essential.

As a restaurant owner, you rely heavily on your AC unit to keep your environment clean and comfortable for your customers. Taking preventative measures to keep your AC unit running efficiently to prevent major issues can be a life saver for your business.

The Experts

E•D•S Air Conditioning & Plumbing is here to help when you want to keep your restaurant cool all year long. An efficient AC unit maximizes the restaurant’s appeal and assists in saving you, the business owner, money in the long term when you have it serviced regularly.

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