Hot Water Heater Replacement

No one likes cold showers. If your water heater stops working effectively, it may be time for a water heater replacement. Fortunately, you can rely on E•D•S Plumbing to make the process simple and easy. Replace hot water heater with the expert technicians of E•D•S.

We remove your old water heater and replace it with a traditional water heater or a tankless water heater. If replacement is not necessary, we can replace worn-out thermostats or heating elements to get your hot water running as soon as possible.


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A “tankless” water heater is just what it sounds like. Essentially, a water heater with no tank to keep continuously heated water. When we think water heaters, depending on the size of the home, we picture a giant tank with some type of heating source. Some come with electric heaters and some are heated with natural gas or propane. A tankless water heater does not require a water tank at all!

The first benefit is space or aesthetics. A tankless water heater does not require taking up an entire closet or a chunk of your garage to produce hot water for you and your family. A tankless water heater takes up a fraction of the space of a traditional water heater that uses a tank.

There is also a certain peace of mind that having a tankless water heater provides. At E•D•S we have heard countless stories of old water heaters leaking into a closet or garage. Just think about what damage a sixty gallon water heater could do to your home or family photos if it leaked.

Lastly, the most important benefit of a tankless water heater is the incredible cost savings of owning one. These “on demand” units only heat water as you and your family use the water. We don’t usually think about it but it takes quite a bit of energy, whether its propane or electricity, to keep fifty gallons of water heated at all times. Save the space, save your family photos and also save a bundle on electricity all by switching to a tankless water heater!