Clogged Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are wonderful plumbing inventions, with the ability to pulverize most of your food waste with a few flicks of a switch. But just like any contraption, your garbage disposal is going to start giving you trouble if you are not using it in the right way or it could end up with clogged garbage disposal. You may also find that if you are not maintaining and using it properly it will cause a domino effect on some main drains causing them to clog/block, thus causing you to end up digging up your property to fix a drain even though it all could have been stopped. We have compiled a list of items not to put down the chute to ensure this doesn’t happen! So, here are eight items you should never throw into the disposal chute!

  1. Bones

While your garbage disposal will have strong blades, they are not strong enough to destroy bones. These bones will just spin around the blades and not even go down the drain pipes. They might even damage the blades if you keep running the disposal in hopes of crushing the bones.

  1. Celery

Due to the amount of fiber on celery strings, they can end up getting tangled in your disposals blades. The same thing can happen if you are throwing asparagus or corn husks down the drain.

  1. Coffee Grounds

It is a terrible idea to put coffee grounds in your disposal, as they will pile up and create a sludge in your drain. The problem is the grounds go down easily, so people think it is okay to keep putting them in the disposal. We advise throwing them in the trash can or, better yet, outside in your garden.

  1. Egg Shells

Some people say that it is fine to throw egg shells in the disposal, but we would err on the side of caution. There are cases where egg shells have damaged disposal blades, and it is so much easier to just toss these in the garbage  or put them in a bucket with the coffee grounds for the garden.

  1. Pits from Fruit

The seeds or pits that are at the center of certain fruits, like peaches or avocados, are not going to go down the disposal. They will not break apart and will just damage the blades in the process.

  1. Oil and Grease

Anything that is oily or greasy should never be going down the disposal. Whether you are using butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, lard or some other type of fat, it should either go into bottles for reuse, or into the garbage can. It will clog up your pipes and create a gigantic mess.

  1. Pasta

When you throw pasta or noodles down the drain, they are just going to swell up and fill the entire disposal area. The same goes for rice avoid throwing these down the drain.

  1. Potato Peels

Some of the worst issues that we have seen with a clogged garbage disposal were because of potato peels. They will create a sludgy mess just toss them in the garbage!

If you have a clogged disposal drain, do not panic! Contact us at E.D.S Air Conditioning and Plumbing and we will send an emergency plumber to your home to assess and fix the problem. We will have your disposal working again in no time!