There is more than one way to keep your house or room cool. Here are four ways to keep your air conditioning unit from doing all the work.

The air conditioner makes any home comfortable by drawing in outside air and removing from inside the house. While it may be tempting to let your A/C unit run continuously for consistent temperature control, it can get costly as well as wear down your system sooner. You don’t want to be spending a fortune when it comes to your energy bills, however, luckily there are a few things that you can do to help keep costs down. For starters, you could make sure that you are using a good energy provider. If your energy provider is overcharging you then it’s time for a change. The second thing you should do is try and avoid using things like your home air conditioner all the time. Sounds impossible right? Wrong. Keep on reading to find out how to keep your house cool.

How to Keep House Cool

There are ways to cool down your house without using the home air conditioner. Once upon a time, you may have lived without the luxury of climate control. Below are some tips to use less energy and spare your air conditioning system:

1. Window Treatments

Realize that naked windows let in the heat, even if windows are closed. Up to 30 percent of the heat in your house is getting in because your windows are not covered. You don’t have to sacrifice your view for a cooler house. In fact, you can probably enhance it.

Shades and curtains can lower the indoor temperature of your house by as much as 20 degrees. This is especially true if these windows face south and west. Window treatments can look beautiful and very expensive. You don’t have to go as extreme as blackout curtains, though they are effective. You can choose from window blinds that block out the sunlight during the heat of the day. Honeycomb or cellular shades filter light into your rooms while it traps the heat and creates an insulated effect. Window films can reduce the amount of heat that goes through your windows. Newer windows may already have insulated window films included.

2. Fans

Help your air conditioning system by using fans. Your ceiling fans can blow cool air on you, but it is important that it runs at a counter-clockwise setting during the summer. Your standing fans can also useful by creating a cool air effect. Fans do not actually lower temperature, although moving air feels cooler and fans can help even cool air distribution.

3. Lighting

Have you switched over to compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs yet? The difference between CFLs and incandescent bulbs is the amount of heat the traditional light bulbs generate when used. If you remember changing a hot light bulb right after it burned out, you understand how much heat was wasted for the light source. The types of light bulbs you use can make a difference in the temperature in your home as well as the amount you pay in energy bills.

4. Appliances

Though appliances are more energy-efficient now, they still generate heat. Your washing machine uses warm and hot water to clean your clothes. Your dryer is heat in a metal box. Your dishwasher scrubs with hot water and dries with heat. One option may be to save your cleaning chores until the evening when the house is cooler. If you have to wash dishes, opt to wash them in the sink by hand. It can reduce energy costs, plus the warmth of your home will dry the dishes on the rack.

Appliance maintenance is crucial for the life span of the machines in your house, but it can also impact the heat that is generated in your home. A clean dryer vent and duct means that your dryer works more efficiently and takes less time to dry. That means that it will generate less heat during use. Appliances with motors will start to break down over time. Regular maintenance means that you prevent their motors from working too hard and overheating. This means that your energy-efficient appliances remain efficient and promote a cooler home environment.

Your air conditioner is an appliance as well. If it is maintained, it will work better for you as well. Clean air ducts are healthier for you and it allows the air to flow properly. Call for service so that it is working at an optimum state.

As winter is near end in South Florida, now is a good time to have your air conditioning system serviced. Call E•D•S Air Conditioning and Plumbing at (561) 249-4636 to schedule a maintenance visit, or set an appointment online. Savings from air conditioning maintenance can include both energy costs and avoiding costly repairs.